Why buy at Torquay Waters?




    more benefits!

  • Gated Community Security.

  • potential rental assistance.

  • No more mowing the lawn.

  • No pool maintenance.

  • No Body corp fees.

  • No council Rates.

  • No land tax.

  • No stamp duty.

Buying and selling a home in Torquay Waters is simple safe and easy under the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) act 2003.

Buying a home will not cost you anything other than the agreed home price with the seller.

Selling your home can be done through the Village or by using a real estate agent. 

If the Village acts as the agent a 2% commission is payable by the seller.


If an agent sells the home a 0.5% administration fee is payable by the seller.

59 Truro Street

Torquay QLD Australia


Blair 0407 800 200

Sherrie 0488 700 600