Why buy at Torquay Waters?




    more benefits!

  • Gated Community Security

  • Rental assistance possible

  • No more mowing the lawn

  • No pool maintenance

  • No Body corp fees

  • No council Rates

  • No land tax

  • No stamp duty

Buying and selling a home in Torquay Waters is simple safe and easy under the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) act 2003 and all organised in house by the village manager.

Buying a home starts with calling Blair on 0407 800 200 to express interest.

Selling Your home is catered for by the manufactured Homes Act. The village manager is appointed by you on a form 9 to be the real estate agent and will arrange photos, internet advertising, and provide and co-ordinate the forms in a timely manner to ensure compliance with the regulations.

You may also appoint an external agent.