Frequently Asked Questions

How do Residential Villages work?

The answers are in the 'Manufactired Homes (Residential Parks ) act 2003' In summary; Residents purchase a home in a village and pay a fee to keep your home in the village. The resident then enjoys facilities and services as set out in the 'site agreement'. The Act provides the rules procedures and protocols that we all follow.

How close is a hospital?

Torquay Water is approximately 4 km from both the The Hervey Bay Public and Private Hospitals. The hospitals are across the road from each other. Although Ambulance Queensland have been given the gate code, If you do call an Ambulance it may be wise to open the front gate and direct them to the home.

Am I able to have a pet?

No dogs will be approved, however any pet that does not disturb your neighbours right to quiet enjoyment of the village may be approved under a special agreement document. There are residents who have bought homes in the village at a time when pets were strictly not allowed and the basis of that understanding is acknowledged and respected by the manager.

Can I have visitors/guests stay?

Yes you can have adults and children visitors and stay over guests but you must accompany them to use village facilities such as the pool. Your guests are your responsibility at all times.

Can I keep a motorhome boat or caravan ?

Yes, but they must be stored on your site and must be on a paved or concrete slab with the location agreed to by your neighbours. There is no long term parking of boats caravans or the like in the visitor car park.

Can we rent our home out?

Torquay Waters agreements maintain the homes must be owner occupied principal place of residence, However you can rent your home If the village is appointed to mange the rental. The manger will find and approve the tennants, do monthly inspection of the home, and collect the rent.

What other costs do i have besides the weekly site fee?

The only costs you have beside the weekly site fee is; Electricity, direct to the retailer of your choise, Water consumption recovered at cost (currently $2 per 1000 litres) average usage is 140 litres per day per person or $4 a week ($200 a year) for a couple. Otherwise your site fee covers all existing Council and State charges and levy's.

How do I sell my home?

How to sell your home is detailed in the BUYING & SELLING page, In short you advise the viallge manager you wish to sell complete a Form 9 authorising the manager to sell your home. The manager does the rest. You may also engage an external real estate agent as an open listing.

How is waste managed?

Council dictate that two homes share a set of bins. One general and one recycle. putting the bins out for collection on Truro street and keeping them clean is the responsibility of your home owners jointly. You may pay for your own Bin if you wish but that is not encouraged. There is a bin wash area located at the North East corner of the village.

How does the mail delivery work?

The village's physical address is 59 to 65 Truro Street Torquay but that is not a postal address. Australia Post delivers to the box at the front of your house so your street address is your postal address. For example a village address may be; A & B Smith 1 Wayamba Way Torquay Qld 4655 or C Jones 10 Kalora Court Torquay Qld 4655

Are there any rebates, assistance or discounts?

You may be entitled to claim about $70 weekly rent assistance from the Government depending on your financial circumstances. Contact centrelink. Sales of homes in Torquay waters do not attract normal real estate stamp duty charges. The seniors electricity rebate is applicable. Contact your retailer to make this claim.

What happens if the park owner sells the village?

Nothing happens, life continues as normal. If the Village changes ownership, your existing site agreement stays in force so there will be no change. Your tenure and rights are protected by the Manufactured Home (residential parks) Act 2003 and enforced by the Queensland Civil Administerable Tribunal (QCAT).

What if I have more questions that have not yet been answered?

If you have any further questions or would like to request an inspection please use the contact options on the home page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can i work from home?

No is the short answer, but of course there are exceptions to evrything. If what you does not disturb anyone else then approval will be given by the manager.

Can i have a garage sale?

Definately not. This is not reasonable on your neighbours as it disturbs the quiet enjoyment with cars and people comming going and parking anywhere and is a serious security concern.

How much is the site fee?

Torquay waters has the lowest site fee in Hervey Bay and is the closest viallge to the beach. The current site fee is at at 1st sept 2020 is $214.49 a week or about $145 a week after rental assistance is deducted and is incresed annually by 3.5% to 5% max.

Can i extend my home or put up a fence ?

Any building work that modify's the foot print of the home should be approved by the village and Council. Generally no fencing is allowed however privacy screens can be approved. Anything that is legal and is agreed to by immediate neighbours and the village manager would be accepted. No approval would be ureasonably witheld.